Be like a rose that  perfumes the hands  of its crusher.
  • I'm going for my 3 months practicum this Monday. Gonna be observed by a Dr. I'm not gonna lie; I'm nervous. 
  • Practicum has always been a time full of stress for us trainee teachers. Sometimes the lecturers don't even tell you when he/ she's gonna come so we have to always be ready with well-prepared lesson plans, teaching aids and a portfolio complete with info needed based on a checklist given.
  •  I don't know whether or not I can be a motivated teacher who can do everything assigned properly, have full authority in the classroom, and most importantly, the one the students can rely on. Can I?
  • But there is one interesting thing said by my lecturer today. It's normal if you don't feel comfortable in class / school because you're a new teacher. You feel like you have bad classroom management, bad time management (during teaching & learning process), the kids won't listen to you and the list goes on and on.. But don't worry, you'll get used to this within 3 years. Mind you, 3 years! And after that, you can handle everything (I hope so!)

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    January 2013